I must have blinked one too many times! I was warned that it would happen this fast. She is so grown up and I don't know where the time has gone. Jeff and I are so proud of both of our girls for so many reasons. Besides outer beauty, they have a glow, a loving spirit, that just spills from inside.
This was Hannah's first high school dance, Lowndes High School's 2014 Homecoming. We had so much fun picking out the perfect dress! In fact, this dress was actually full length with a train. It was stunning when she first tried it on....."take your breath away" stunning! And she looked so tall and elegant in it! Honestly, her looking so tall and elegant is probably what took my breath away more so than the dress. Hannah was a little nervous about how it would look short, but thanks to a great seamstress, it turned out perfect! She and her date went with a group of friends and had a great time.
While I know there are lots more fun events to come, I'm afraid to blink again. I just want to slow down the time and savor every moment! ~Julie